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I believe the people of Washington need someone who can not only make a difference, but can represent you well. I care about the needs of the family, the kids who make our future and the bond that holds it all together.

Who is Scott Nazarino?

Scott is 59, and was born in Seattle. He has lived in Washington his entire life and loves it here! He has served in Washington in various capacities. He has been involved in the political world since 2005, but his aim is truly for the people of Washington.


He has been in the Financial Services industry with an emphasis on Estate & Retirement planning since 1992, helping people plan their future. As an entrepreneur, he loves to serve others. He is also a father of 3.


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  • Protect our kids that are in elementary school. At least one National Guard member hosted at each Elementary School in the state of Washington,  public and private.

  • Reducing and eliminating the national debt.

  • Running for the republican party, but I truly care about change that all parties can support.

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Scott Nazarino

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